Take Action

Start With

One Step

The road to renewal begins with you.

Spread the Word

Help More People Receive The Letter.

Host a Screening

Unite your community in a new conversation about our common home.

Empower Communities

Support local screenings of The Letter. Your donation creates new hope for our planet.

Share On Social Media

Keep the conversation going by sharing The Letter on Social Media.

Reflect On Your Values

Our spirits connect with something greater.

Pray in Nature

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Pray in Nature

Choose a five-minute prayer and reflect in your garden or by an open window.

Become A Laudato Si’ Animator

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Become A Laudato Si’ Animator

Gain the skills to lead your community in action. Join a global movement of thousands of people in this free leadership development course.

Share Laudato Si’ With Your Faith Leader

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Share Laudato Si’ With Your Faith Leader

Encourage your priest or leader to share Pope Francis’ letter by preaching a sermon or sponsoring a Laudato Si’ Circle.

Make a Plan

People who make a plan for action are much more likely to follow through.

Start Your Laudato Si’ Reading Plan

A week-by-week reading plan will help you dive deeper into Laudato Si’.

Plan As An Institution Or Community

The Laudato Si’ Action Platform is a Vatican program that offers planning guides and impactful actions tailored to the needs of your institution or community. Enroll to get full access to all the tools.

Set A Date To Contact A Government Official

Mark a dedicated time on your calendar to make a phone call or send an email to a local official. Tell him or her why caring for our planet matters to you.

Connect With Others

Connecting with others is an effective way to achieve lasting change.

Discuss One Lifestyle Change With Members Of Your Family

A concrete change in your lifestyle is a practical way to contribute to the global movement. Discuss a change that your family can commit to.

Divest From Fossil Fuels

The fossil fuel industry depends on investments. Encourage your insitution or community to divest from the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions that drive climate change.